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Don’t Stop Me Now

March 28, 2011

I was driving home today and my mp3 player, playing my book on tape, ran out of batteries. Devastated, I took out my iPod and turned on my Spin-a-thon playlist. Best ride home EVER! You know the songs that just pump you up, make you sing and get you energized? Let me share my three favorite songs for spinning and running (and I guess, driving home).

This song always gives me that extra push! Just having the word stronger makes me work harder.

Don’t act like I never told ya!

You also need some Queen in the mix!

Queen’s, Don’t Stop Me Now is one of my favorite workout songs. You can’t quit at ANYTHING while you were listening to this song!

I’m a racing car passing by like Lady Godiva, I’m gonna go go go, There’s no stopping me!

Sometimes when I am pissed off or stressed out, running helps. The perfect song for running while you are pissed off is Cee Lo Green’s F*** You, ahem, Forget You.

This song really gets me riled up. I cannot run two seconds without singing!

And although there’s pain in my chest, I still wish you the best with a…Forget you!

What songs really pump you up?

Have a wonderful week!!!

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